New Life Kids

The funnest place to be on Sunday morning!

Ages 0 – 12

New Life Kids is passionate about creating fun and engaging environments to make a significant impact on children as they grow from infancy to junior high. Our goal is to help children love God and love church!

The Nook | 0-3 months

A space for new mothers to care for their babies that are too young for New Life Kids. Here you can feed, change and care for your baby while enjoying the live stream of service. Private nursing suites are available.

New Life Kids

Nursery | 3-16 months

Where we care for our youngest New Life Kids! Our well-equipped team engages babies with age-appropriate toys and worship as they provide excellent care during service.

Interested in having your baby dedicated? Click here to sign up.

New Life Kids

Toddlers | 16 months – 3 years

Our toddler teams provide hands-on Bible Stories and energetic worship to best reach toddlers at their developmental stage as they experience their first glimpse of God. Through interactive activities and playtime, they learn two truths: God made them and God loves them.

New Life Kids

Preschool & Kindergarten | 3 – 5 years

With engaging Bible Stories, fun activities and vibrant worship, our preschoolers and kindergartners learn three truths: God made them, God loves them and He wants to be their forever friend.

New Life Kids

Fusion | 1st – 4th Grade

Our elementary services are packed with energetic worship, dynamic Bible stories, funny skits and grade-specific crews. Each week, our elementary students focus on learning new Bible verses as they learn more about God and make new friends.

New Life Kids

Momentum | 5th – 7th Grade

Our junior high ministry helps students connect with God and one another. Every Sunday, students experience high-energy worship, relevant messages, and crews in an inviting and fun atmosphere.

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New Life Kids

Special Needs

If your child has a special need of any kind, please visit our Kids Center to inform us and to meet with our team! At New Life Kids, we want to help every child participate in our classroom experience and accommodate any need they may have.

Checking In

When you arrive, come by our Kids Center located in the lobby to check-in your family! One of our team members will help you register your family if it’s your first time with us and help you check-in your children. You can also pre-register online to make your check-in process smoother Sunday morning.

Upon checking in, your child will receive a name tag that has an alphanumeric code located on the bottom right-hand corner. Our check-in system also prints a parent receipt that has the matching alphanumeric code on it. In order to receive your child after service, you must present that parent receipt. For your child’s safety, our team members have been trained to check each child’s name tag with the parent receipt you present prior to releasing them to you.


Your child’s safety is important to us. Each of our New Life Kids team members complete and pass a BCI prior to serving on our team.

We utilize a highly secure check-in system that is used for dropping off and picking up children. Our check-in system also allows us to text parents during service if they are needed for any reason.

You will notice members of our security team located at each of our children’s wings. This is to ensure that no one may enter our children’s areas except for New Life Kids staff, children and parents with their parent receipt.

New Life Kids

First Time at New Life?

We would love for your family to join us this weekend!

Let us know that it’s your first time with us! One of our guides will help walk you through our check-in process, show you to your child’s classroom and answer any questions you may have along the way.

If you’d like to make your first visit even easier, register ahead of time with our check-in system.


Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Baby dedications are coming up soon at your campus. Fill out the form below if you’d like to have your baby dedicated.

All applications should be submitted to the church office prior to the scheduled dedication date. We request that all children being dedicated not be older than one year. If you have any questions, please call the church office at 401-232-5200 or email us at

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